Gillis Club Lambs             Harrold, TX
Gillis Club Lambs                      Harrold Tx
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Located north of Harrold, TX, Bruce and Susan Gillis have medium wool show lambs bred for today's show circuit. Call or email for appointments and showings.

We started breeding show lambs in 1982 with approximately thirty ewes and one Howard bred ram. Since then Gillis Club Lambs has expanded to our current flock purchasing numerous rams from Joe Harrell as well as from Shell Club Lambs, Dynamite Farms, Storm Gerhart, Schminke Livestock, Clay Elliot, 3D Club Lambs, Marcantel Club Lambs, Hancock Hampshires and Nichols Cen-Tex Show Lambs. Over the years we have raised ewe lambs to create the current breeding stock consisting mainly of Joe Harrell and Marcantel influenced mature ewes, Nichols and Gillis Club Lamb influenced yearlings and ewe lambs crossed with Nichols and Gillis Club Lambs Rams. We are very proud of our breeding program and the lambs that we produce. Contact us if you would like to schedule a showing.

Contact us:
Bruce and Susan Gillis
(940) 886-2481
Harrold, Tx

Come out and take a look at this years show lambs.

Contact us by phone or email for appointments and directions to our farm!

We would like to say Thank You, to all of our loyal feeders and new customers.

We wish you all good luck at all of the shows!

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